SHHAS/Andover Strut BBQ & Fly-in

Barton Ashes (Lancasters at Popham)

24th August 2014

Photos:Colin Lee



Reports and Photos from SHHAS events and visits

SHHAS visit to Cobham Mission Equipment

Wimborne, Dorset

30th April 2015

Report:Roger Hixon




Nineteen members made the trip to Wimborne.

On arrival at Cobham, we were given tea/coffee, biscuits and an introduction by Paul white, (Production Manager) which included an overview of the companies operations. We were then divided into two groups, for a very interesting and informative tour of the assembly areas, by Alex Seton (Gradate) and Matt Walker (Mechanical Designer)

All components are manufactured off site,primarily in the UK.and this facility puts them all together and tests them. The company export 88% of production, has an annual revenue of £1.9bn and employs 12000 people in five continents. They produce for, the Space, Aerospace, Land and Maritime industries,both military and civil.

As well as air to air refueling equipment, they also supply,weapons carriage and release systems for many different aircraft types.

SHHAS visit to RNHF, FAAM & Cobham Hall

Yeovilton, Somerset

10th September 2015

Report & Photos:Roger Hixon




We assembled at the Swordfish Restaurant, to await our guide. Her name was Katie, who was very interesting, knowledgeable and informative.  She took us to the RNHF facilities, which included two Swordfish, and a Sea Fury. We visited the flight line and the scrap dump.

After lunch at the Swordfish Restaurant, we drove to the nearby, Cobham Hall, to see the reserve collection, and get an update on the Barracuda rebuild saga.

Finally back to the main museum, and to watch the Swordfish take off for a test flight.

A very good day out, many thanks to John Watts.


SHHAS visit to the Jet Age Museum


11th May 2016

Report & Photos:Roger Hixon



Twenty two members and friends visited the above museum on Wednesday 11th May 2016. After a rather wet journey up, we were warmly welcomed by Trevor Davies and his team. After tea and coffee, we were divided into six groups and allotted a guide. Each guide had his own section of the museum and we moved from one to another, until we had completed the tour.    We were also lucky to have a D-day glider pilot there to talk to.

All our guides were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. There is a large collection of aircraft, mainly Gloster, of course, and many models and aviation related artifacts. After a very enjoyable visit, we moved on to the "Aviator" restaurant for a nice lunch.

Our thanks go to Trevor and his team of guides, for making the visit so pleasurable, and to our society member, Mike Webster for suggesting the trip                                                                                   

SHHAS/Andover Strut BBQ & Fly-in

Barton Ashes

28th August 2016

Photos:Colin Lee




SHHAS/Andover Strut BBQ & Fly-in

Barton Ashes

30th August 2015

Photos:Colin Lee




SHHAS visit to TAG Farnborough


11th October 2016

Photos:Mike Webster / Report: Roger Hixon




   On Tuesday 11th. Oct. 2016, fourteen members visited the above site. Our tour guide was Tony Knight, and our coach driver was Brian. Tony gave us a brief history of the Tag company and the airfield in general while we sat on the coach. Our first stop was the hangers, which were spotlessly clean, these contained various Biz jets all in immaculate condition. One belonged to Ron Dennis of Formula One fame. One aircraft was being cleaned and restocked as we walked through the hanger. We were not allowed into any of the aircraft. We then proceeded onto an airfield tour, and Tony explained all that had that had been done to satisfy the various authorities and local councils, in the development of the site which they purchased by Tag in 2002.


   Then onto the control tower, with a look into the radar room, and then top of the tower with a wonderful view of the whole airfield site, probably the highlight of most peoples visit. Finally into the meeting room, and a talk on the environmental work being done by Tag on the whole 650 acre site. This was given by Miles Thomas, the manager on this dept. We were then taken back to the reception area, and given some small momentos of our tour.


   A very worthwhile trip, for an interesting and informative visit, and our thanks must go to all those

from Tag, who made it all possible.


SHHAS visit to the Farnborough Air Science Trust


20th April 2017

Report & Photos: Roger Hixon




Fourteen members visited the FAST museum at Farnborough. This was our second visit to this establishment. After tea/coffee and biscuits, we were given a very interesting talk by David Wilson on the history of the RAF, the airfield and various other related topics. We were then taken to the Cody building for a demonstration of the Cody Flyer, by hanger pilot, Peter Buckroyd. Following this we were shown around the other exhibits, both outside and inside of the Trenchard building.

A very worthwhile and interesting visit. Always impressed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the volunteers.

SHHAS/Andover Strut BBQ & Fly-in

Barton Ashes

27th August 2017

Photos:Colin Lee




SHHAS Member Bill Neilson

Jet Age Museum, Gloucestershire

13th July 2017

Report & Photos: Mike Webster




On 13th July 2017 SHHAS member Bill Neilson was an invited guest for a special Gloster Aircraft Co Centenary celebration at the Jet Age Museum.

Pic 1 - Bill has a chat with Ian Whittle, son of Sir Frank Whittle.

Ian Whittle a retired Boeing 747 pilot, flew in and out in his own private plane whilst a new time line exhibition was opened in the museum by Sir John Whitaker in the presence of no less than 3 Mayors (of Tewksbury, Stroud and Cheltenham) along with many other historical aviation dignitaries.

Pic 2 - Sir John Whitaker with the three Mayors and a Mayoress.

Pic 3 - Sir John Whitaker with Ian Whittle and George Dowty of Dowty Undercarriage fame.

We were kindly invited to join Probas Club on this trip. Fourteen SHHAS members attended and on arrival we were given a guided tour of all the facilities. We were taken aboard the Concorde, and then let loose to do our own thing. The museum was very good, and they had a nice restaurant. All the staff were very helpful and pleasant.

A very interesting and  enjoyable trip.

Our thanks to Probus Club for asking us to join them.

Roger Hixon (Committee Member)


More photos by Paul Godfrey here

More info about the museum


Aerospace Bristol


7th February 2018

Report by Roger Hixon

Photos: Chris Pointer, Roger Hixon & Paul Godfrey




SHHAS visit to Welford Historical Museum

RAF Welford, Berkshire

11th April 2018

Report & Photos: Roger Hixon / Mike Webster



Twelve members of the society visited this museum. We were welcomed by Don Summers, their leader. After a group photograph in front of the museum building, we were given a brief history of the base, and then a very interesting and informative guide of the many items on display. They have a very enthusiastic and active (after the chocolate cake and tea) group of supporters. After an enjoyable visit, eight members adjourned to a local pub, for a late lunch.