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SHHAS talks, visits and social events

All meetings 7.30 for 7.45pm start

Peter Vacher – Hurricane R4118

Matt Hampton – Flying the last Vampire

Capt Eric Moody – Gliding a 747

Dr Robert Pleming – Director of Vulcan To The Sky

John Farley OBE, AFC, CEng – Former Harrier Test Pilot

Rod Dean – Flying the Hunter

Rex Chutter – Experiences of a WW2 Fight Pilot

Tony Blackman – Test Pilot

Brian Grant – Pilot of Red Bull Sea Vixen

Roger Bricknell – Concorde Engineer

Commodore Adrian Nance OBE – Former Captain of HMS Ark Royal

Alec Waldron – Arnheim

Phil Nelson – Fisheries Protection

Sgt Tim Lucas – Hampshire Police Air Support Unit

Gp Capt P.F.Green – It Happened By Accident

Cmdr David Hobbs – Putting Jets To Sea

Brian Sacree – Mission Aviation Fellowship

Bob Turner – Tiger Moths to Tiger Squadron

Alan Jones – Adventures with the Pietenpol

Paul Donnella – World War 1 operations out of Bembridge IOW

Chris Thompson – Flying the smallest Twin in the World

Fred Penson – Mustang Pilot

Melvyn Hiscock – Flying the Albatross across the Atlantic

Doug Gregory – The Construction & Operation of an SE5

David Ince – Hawker Typhoon Operations

Dick Richardson – The Strathallon Collection

Capt K.S.Titchener – Flying the Concorde

Clive Rustin – The Aircraft I Flew

Phillip Taylor – Chief Inspector Air Accidents

Mike Phipp – The History of Bournemouth Airport

Alistair Mellor – Testing Airborne Forces Equipment

Philip West – Aviation Artist

Alan Vessey – Napier Aero Engines

Capt Phil Nelson – Cold War Bomber Pilot

David Hawkes – Zulu Delta 576, The Mull of Kintyre Helicopter Crash

R.B.Stratton – The Latter Days of Saunders Roe

Kennth Dix – Military Reconnaissance

Colin Cruddas – Barnstorming with Alan Cobham

Phil Holt – Donald Campbell Across the Lake

Tim Mason – Boscombe Down

Maggie Gwynne – Hampshire & IOW Air Ambulance

Paul Chandler – The South African Aviation Scene

Malcolm Lee – Pensacola & Nellis AFB

Ned Frith – Eurofighter Typhoon

David Priest – CL-44-0 Guppy

Kevin Patience – Salvage Master

Geoff Pell – Fifi Kate returns Home

Graham Perry - From Whirlwinds to Lightnings

Stephen Payne OBE – Chief designer of Queen Mary 2

Barry Tomlinson CEng, FRAes – Wings over Thurleigh

Graham Pitchfork - The Men Behind the Medals

Leslie Dawson – Flying Boats at Poole

Chris Sellen – A PPL Explores Peenemunde

Ian Haskell – A View from Above

Steve Robson – A Cold War and Hot Island

Phil Nelson – The Collage of Air Training at Hamble

John Coote – Life as a Vulcan & Nimrod Navigator

Barry Neal – Air to Air Refuelling Operations in the South Atlantic

Howard Mason – BAE Systems – Building On Our Heritage

Andy Collins – The Nimrod MRA4 Project

Tony Rowland – Army Aviation from 1878

Paul Beaver – History of Middle Wallop

Bob Wealthy – History of the Trilander

Den Willard – Recovering WWII Wrecks from Russia

Frank Damerall – WWII Mosquito Navigator

Eryil Smith – Flying Adventures in New Zealand

John Farley – The Harrier Past & Present

Bob Wealthy – Portsmouth Airport

John Sharp – Boscombe Down

Paul Beaver – Building Spitfires around Salisbury

James Kemmitt – Past, Present and Future of Air to Air Refuelling

Commander Simon Askins – RNAS Ops in World War 1

John Webster – History of the ATA

Malcolm Rogan – Bathtubs and Air Knockers

Kevin Patience – Scapa Flow – Salvaging the German Navy

Manuel Queirox – Solo Flight Around the World

Peter Roe – Early Pioneers of Aviation

Steve Robson – BAe146 – Britain's Last Airliner

Bob Wealthy – Recollections of the Saunders Roe Princess

Captain David Rowland – Amelie's Boys – the Flying McCuddens

Phil Holt – Air Traffic Control

Roger Beazley – The Supervision of International Air Displays in UK

Clive Smith – Lancaster Bail Out

Rod Dean – Flying and Displaying Vintage Jet Aircraft

Gp Capt Terry Holloway – The Marshall Story

Tony Dyer – Catalina Operations in the Artic

Steve Robson – Preperations for the Battle of Britain-1935

Dennis Morley – Memories of the Moor-Flight Testing for the Cold War

Roger Beazley – Air Defence during the Cold War

Kevin Patience – Dorset VC's

Steve New – The early development and use of Motor Torpedo Boats

Phil Holt – Controlling 9/11 - the most fraught 4 hours in Air Traffic Control

James Mason – Accident in Antarctica

Rod Powell – Vulcan AEO in the Cold War Era

Phil Nelson – The Victor

Kevin Patience – Two mysterious Air France crashes at Bahrain 1950

Ethem Cetintas – The Secret Spitfires of Salisbury

James Randell – Terrifying Typhoons

Dr Chris Warren – The Battle of Britain – how our secret systems tipped the balance

Phil Holt – Airshows

Rod Dean – Meteor Development

Ian Underdown –  Hamble Seaplanes

Jim Munro - Flying Shadows - the story of a forgotten pioneer

Kim Sherman - Life of a Fleet Air Arm pilot in the Cold War

John Myers - The HS Buccaneer

Joe Marsden - Flying the Vulcan

David Skillen - The Zeppelin in WW1

Joe Marsden - Canberra Target Towing

Steve Thirkettle - V1 to B747

John Ford - The Fleet Air Arm

Chris Warren - Adventures of an Apprentice - BAC Filton 1963-68


Ian Underdown - Aviation of Hamble


Phil Nelson - Aerial Surveillance part 1


Andy Collins - Anatomy of a Crash


Ben Goodlad - TSR-2: A missed opportunity?


Phil Nelson  - Aerial Surveilance


David Skillen - The Royal Observer Corp


Steve Robson - CS Rolls - Pioneer Aviator


John Richards - The German occupation of Guernsey


Robin Gunter - Airfield Development


Ian Thomson - Bletchley Park Codebreakers


Sally-Anne Greville-Heygate - Sapper to Spitfire Spy


Andy Collins - Aircraft of Coastal Command


Malcolm Rogan - Home-built Aircraft from 1910 to now


Stephen Robson - Neville Shute


Rod Dean - Anatomy of a Mosquito


Alan Pickford - The Peoples Mosquito


Jim Schofield - From SE5A to F35


Colin Hales - Long distance flying adventure in a home-built


Harry Sherrard - Operation Sealion


Jerome Mostyn - Life as an AO Pilot


Joe Marsden - RAF Tangmere


Jim Rendell - Life as an RAF Dog Handler


Bob Wealthy - RNAS Daedalus


Peter Griffiths - From Sextant to SatNav


Ian Thomson - Luftwaffe, the German Air Force in WW2


Ben Goodlad - The RAF 1980 to Present & Future


Graham Spiller - D-day+75 Have Dak will Travel


Rod Dean - The North American Mustang


Alan Matlkock - Building Spitfires Without a Factory


Peter Grittiths - From Sextant to SatNav part 2


Bob Wealthy - Saving Charlie November


Graham Goodlad - Air Power in WW1


Dave Key - Supermarine at Hursley Park


Andy Richardson - Britain’s V Bombers


Marc Heighway - RAF Beaulieu


Rod Dean - Sydney Camm and his monoplane piston fighters



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