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T V  &  R A D I O   P R O G R A M M E S

Daks at the Old Warden Flying Festival, 2nd June                  >>  MORE  PHOTOS  HERE <<                 Photo by Malcolm Lee

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C A N   Y O U   H E L P ?

Our secretary Chris Pointer received a letter with this accompanying photo from Mike Henry in Australia. Mike wishes to know if our members can identify any of the gentleman in the group. (His father Ted is wearing the trilby hat). The photo is believed to be taken at High Post in front of a Seafang (not Spitfire as Mike had originally thought).

If you have any information please email Chris Pointer Any new information will be added by Chris to the feedback PDF

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'CS Rolls - Pioneer Aviator'

Wednesday 7th August

Planespotting Live

Tues 23rd-Thurs 25th July


BBC Four


There have never been more planes in our skies - earlier this year 9,000 of them flew over UK airspace in just one day, an all-time record. Now, BBC Four is opening up the skies to give viewers an unprecedented insight into what is flying over their heads at any one time by joining forces with an enthusiastic band of home grown experts: plane spotters.


Over three nights the programme will uncover the rich and detailed world of aviation enthusiasts across the country, from the teams lovingly restoring Britain's forgotten planes, to exploring the materials that are at the frontier of more environmentally friendly flying.


This is not just a show for unashamed aviation geeks, this is for anyone with a passion for travel, history and our heritage. With a mixture of archive, personal stories, and remarkable tales of single minded dedication this series is finally giving voice to, and celebrating, those whose passions are planes.

7.30 for 7.45pm start




seafang pic.jpg

a talk by Steve Robson


Philip Wiltshire

1938 - 2019

Phil’s eulogy available to read here